WordPress Webistes are for Everyone

Building a website with WordPress

During this event, people will learn the basic notions about WordPress and why it’s better than other platforms (Wix-Squarespace). They will learn how to build a website from scratch with a new-gen visual builder called Elementor without touching any code.

This workshop will be interesting for non-tech people who still want to learn how to build and manage their own websites.
The approach will be less tech as possible and more focused on the strategy and UX.

(This session was recorded on 03/10/2018)

The Presenter

Gianpaolo Faccini
Gianpaolo Faccini

Gianpaolo Faccini is CoFounder and Project Manager at Mowgli, a strategic innovation and marketing agency. His main duties are to plan executive digital strategies (including website development, content strategies, social media, and branding) and coordinating the team during the projects.